Happy Birthday Toby!

It seems only yesterday, when I first saw you…

I can still remember your first month picture!
How you grew up to be an active toddler!

Time passes by too fast! Now, you are 3 years old!

No longer the little helpless baby but a little boy with budding independence, ready to explore everything! Today, I pray that you will grow up with a teachable heart and an obedient spirit. May you seek the Lord always. Know that mommy will always be here for you… Love you very much Toby!

Happy Birthday to you, Toby!


  1. I heaved a deep sigh of relief today when I searched on your previous post (which you wrote before Christmas) regarding Mommy Moments Christmas celebration and I checked if I confirmed on my attendance or not. And I didn’t. Hay…sobrang na-alarm at nagulat kasi ako when I read your text asking me if I could come last Dec. 26. The last time kasi that we talked about it was thru YM and late October pa un and you were asking me for some suggestions. And on one of my replies, you didn’t answer na. So I didn’t ask na about it. Di na ko updated kung tuloy kasi sobrang busy na with work. Didn’t have time to bloghop 🙁 Kaya siguro, no time na din ako to confirm.Di bale, next time, I’ll help with the promotion of your events. Hehe, gagamitin ko na years of experience ko working with several sales and marketing and promo departments of different companies next time! Take care, Chris!Happy Birthday, Toby! I’ll pray that you’ll grow up a very intelligent and God-fearing man. 🙂 Kisses!

  2. hello mommy! natuloy ba kayo sa EB? naku sarap naman ng letter mo for Toby. sana mabasa na nya. happy birthday, toby!!

  3. happy birthday big guy!

  4. Cutie boy…Happy birthday to your Toby. May he is always loving as he is now and God be with him and your family always…Happy holdays…

  5. Happy Birthday to Toby!!Best wishes po!!^_^

  6. happy birthday to you toby

  7. Happy happy birthday Toby. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon ano Mommy Chris, my little boy is turning 3 na rin next month.

  8. Happy 3rd birthday, Toby!

  9. Happy Birthday to your little boy. It was nice to see your kids in person too. You have a lovely family Chris…

  10. Happy birthday to Toby. :)Hi Mommy Chris, i hope nabasa mo yung comment ko before the event saying na di ako makakadalo. I hope you understand. Sensya na po, nagconfirm pa naman ako long before the event.

  11. His Unfailing Love says

    wow Mommy, alam nyo ba birthday din ng hubby ko ngayon…kaya lang 42 na, whaaaa! Si Toby 3 yrs pa lang…Happy birthday Toby, praying that you will have more birthdays to come and more blessings from our Father in heaven…Hugs for Toby, he is blessed with a blessed Mom and Dad. Happy New Year din!

  12. Happy bday Toby..good boy ka palagi ha?

  13. waaaa Belated Happy 3rd Birthday to Toby…ang bilis naman lumaki. Wishing for more birthdays to come for Toby and always in good health. Warm hugs and kisses!!

  14. School Badges says

    Children – flowers of life. Your child simply cutie. Let it grow healthy and happy

  15. School Badges says

    Children – flowers of life. Your child simply cutie. Let it grow healthy and happy

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