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Merry Christmas everyone! Our theme this week is Christmas Moment! You can post about any Christmas related moment you have with your kids… my post this week is about Christmas caroling.. Kyla has learned so many Christmas carols this year… and I asked Kyla if she would like us to go to our neighbors to sing them some songs.. and she agreed! I was glad that she actually sang 3 songs (of course with Mommy as her back up singer) and Toby as her musician! Here is a picture before we went to our neighbors..

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  1. His Unfailing Love says

    wow, this is so early, I will try to post na… Merry Christmas Chris, a blessed day, a blessed moment for the Lord!

  2. It's very sweet of you to take them. I know it's not about the money but it's about the experience and the fun which I'm sure your kids will remember forever and I know for sure that the neighbors are so delighted.
    I will post my link later, It's not Christmas here yet. 🙂

  3. I know it is friday there already, Merry Christmas, Chris; I like wht you and your kids did; sana someday my son would experience din mag caroling.

    will post mine later nga pala :-)!

  4. Aren't they cute carolers?!

    Himala yata ako at no. 1 sa linky lol!… It's midnight here and I'm waiting for a call from the other side of the world. Merry christmas!

  5. Merry CHRISTmas mommy Chris!

  6. Wow!!I would like to experience that with my kids,too coz they love singing!Way to go,Kyla!!It's one way to boost her confidence thru caroling!!^_^

    Will be back for a link–

    Merry Christmas to you and your family,Mommy Chris and to all Mommy Moments participants!!^_^

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Chris. 🙂

    Sis, baka di ako makapunta tomorrow sa meet up may mga bibisitahin kasing relatives. sensya na sis ha. 🙂

  8. Happy Christmas to you and your wonderful family Mommy Chris!

    Caroling is a very lucrative and enjoyable venture 🙂 We are enriched literally and figuratively hehe..:)

  9. merry christmas mommy chris!

  10. Ang cute naman nilang tignan, Merry Christmas Mommy Cris

  11. Wow, kumusta ang pangangaroling ninyo? Im sure your neighbors enjoyed listening to Kyla and Toby's Christmas carol. Merry Christmas guys. Happy New Year in advance, enjoy the Mommy Moments get together.

  12. Wow, I bet the neighbors give you guys a good Christmas since the Carolers are angels hehehe.

    Our Christmas 2009.

  13. Merry Christmas mommy chris!! just done my entry;)

  14. hahaha as usual late na naman ako mommy chriss, anyway ang galing naman you were a back up pa when they do christmas carol lol

  15. Merry Christmas to you and your family! naka-experience din mga kids ko mag-caroling, and until now, excited sila pag naalala nila moment na yun.

  16. wow nice naman! 🙂 for sure they have fun!

    u may view mine here, happy holidays!

  17. i should let my kids experience that too 😀 Christmas Moments here

  18. A family of carolers, that's cute!

  19. Bambie dear ★ says

    Happy holidays to you andyour family. Been a busy week for me, and even busier til New Year. I miss the time i was a kid, we could go out at night for christmas caroling..

    Advance Happy New Year

  20. Nakakatuwa naman nagcaroling na si Kyla & Toby.I remember my youngest time nung nagkakaroling din ako.I missed Christmas in P.I
    Late na ang entry ko Mommy Chris but still wanted to join.Christmas is over but then please allow me to greet you A meery Christmas still & A Prosperous New Year to you & your family.

  21. Super late din ang Mommy Moments ko but still wanted to post.

    Advance Happy New Year,Mommy Chris!!^_^

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