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Hello! Just a reminder that you are invited to A Mommy Moments Christmas! This will be on December 26, 2009 Saturday 2-5pm at Northpark Glorietta 5, Makati City. Please leave me a comment if you are coming! I will post those who have confirmed their attendance in the coming days… Hope to see you there!

Our theme this week is about Talented Kids! All our kids are gifted one way or the other, they have different learning styles and different gifts! You can post a picture or share a story with us about your kids talents or learning styles!

Kyla is more of a visual/spatial person. She can look at an object and copy it and draw it. She remembers details vividly. When she was younger, she loved puzzles and blocks. Her past time includes drawing and recently, she has been creating booklets!

Toby is more of a bodily/kinestethic person. He also loves to sing and dance. He can express himself very well. When you have him around, he can really cheer you up too! Just check out the photos below! 🙂

How about you? Join us this week at mommy moments!


  1. galing namn ni Kyla magdraw and Toby always makes you smile and laugh..what a gift!

    Mine's up already:) after a month of no internet connection..glad to be back:)

  2. midwest mama says

    Your children are precious!

  3. They are both just precious!

  4. kakatuwa talaga kids these days, their talents are beyond comprehension.

    mine will be up soon 😉

    Sayang i won't be there in the get together, oceans away kasi me. Hope na lang ako na may repeat next year.

  5. Drawing is something I'd like to have..galing ni Ate! and Toby is so cute..:) Happy MM!

  6. love kyla's drawing. and ang galing nya when it comes to details. with what she has accomplished at her age, i'm sure she will go a long way. and toby is indeed a happy kid. his cheerfulness can really brighten your day.

  7. Imagination says

    Wow, I really love what you’re doing at your blog. Keep up the great work!
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  8. I'm a frustrated artist myself, so I envy those people who can draw and paint effortlessly. =)

    I haven't played MM for a long while. Sad. I will try to post my entry later.

    Have a peaceful weekend everyone!

  9. oh, toby is so cute..

  10. life's journey says

    They are both talented and i know you are proud of them. Happy MM and weekend Chris.

  11. Kyla is very good in drawing are si Toby nakakatuwa.

  12. My kids both love to draw although my son is the one who paints while ate doodles..

    Aren't we so blessed to have such talented kids?

    happy weekend, mommy!

  13. wow ang galing ni Kyla mag drawing and si Toby is funny and cute =)
    btw mine is up Chris! God bless =)

  14. Hi mommy chris, ang galing naman ng eldest mo hehehe anyway mine is up and its thanks

  15. Kyla loves drawing talaga–she has developed her talent in drawing.Mas magaling pa cya sa akin–all I know to draw is an ant and butil ng palay lol!!^_^Nakakatuwa talaga si Toby mo!!

    Wish to be there sa eb nyo–looking forward na lang sa mga pictures!!^_^

  16. His Unfailing Love says

    galing galing ng mga anak, you are blessed.

  17. Nice drawing for Kyla and Toby has a natural talent to make everyone smile. 🙂

  18. Cotton Candy says

    I guess, I should also commend you for being a good mother and parent to your children. You're just what the Bible says of a woman of virtue;

    "A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.

    She watches over the affairs of her household
    and does not eat the bread of idleness.

    Her children arise and call her blessed;
    her husband also, and he praises her: "

    Proverbs 31 NIV.

  19. Galing ni Kyla mo Chris, she is good in drawing, and toby is funny indeed. Kids talaga are very talented in their own ways.

  20. I guess most kids are talented in any way. precious moments and I'm sure you are very proud!

  21. wow galing naman ni Ate! and Toby is really cute!

  22. crazydenzki says

    talented kiddos…i guess we just have to nurture their talents. gone are the days wherein parents impose what they want on their kids =)

    i'm glad i could join this week =)

  23. sobrang galing naman ni Kyla! So sad I can't join this week sobrang busy lang lately..

    BTW! I would like to invite you to join my contest. It's so simple and will run for a short period of time only. I am giving away Gift Certificates (of your choice!) or $10 through paypal. Please check my site for details:

  24. Bambie dear ★ says

    nakakatuwa talaga mga kiddos mo.. they may have different personalities pero talented and smarties sila. I think pang-sports or entertainment si toby hihi..

    Sana madevelop din ang artistic skills ni baby kagaya ni Kyla and maging outgoing naman sya kagaya ni Toby..

    Happy weekends sa inyo

  25. Your kids are really talented. They are both artists in the making, one in visual arts and the other in performing arts.

  26. Happy sunday Mommy Chris.So sorry for my late entry pero heto pa rin talagang nagpilit na humabol hehe.
    You are so Blessed for havin' such a talented kiddos specially Kyla at her age she can draw an object by looking onto it.Just keep on helping her to improve her talent more & encourage her more as well as Toby.

  27. Mommy Chris, sorry for my late entry.Ponks love to draw too kaya lang di ko makita pics niya regarding his drawings.

  28. Evan's Mom says

    Sorry I missed this week post mommy Chris, was out of town for few days.

    That's a good drawings of Kyla and fun faces of Toby. Evan just started to make a real drawing as well, not just tangled threads as before 🙂

  29. I'm sorry for the so late entry, but at least I got it done ^-^

    Your kids are awesome! You have true artists and smart people at home, dear! Lucky mommy 😉


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