Pregnancy and Fish

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Being pregnant was one of the blessings in life that I have experienced. It’s truly a defining moment in one’s womanhood. I have been pregnant twice and both pregnancies have been quite different. The first pregnancy’s first trimester were really horrible but I had fun and was able to enjoy eating after the first trimester. Whereas with my second pregnancy, I didn’t had too much difficult time in the first trimester but I didn’t enjoy eating and had to be more careful.

I remember that I was quite choosy with the food that I ate. I didn’t eat shellfish and the likes but I liked eating fish. I want it steamed and seasoned with soy sauce. Though I didn’t think I ate enough seafood during the pregnancy. As studies have shown, I should have eaten more healthy tuna. Eating more seafood can lessen the risks of depression during pregnancy. Depression is quite common during these times as one’s hormones are affected by pregnancy. I remember that there are days when I just felt down emotionally. I was also more easily affected by little things.

Now that there are more studies done, pregnant moms are reminded to eat more seafood for the benefit of both the mother and the child. Since fish are rich in DHA, it is healthy for both the mom as it is rich in Calcium and the child as it is required for the brain and eye development in babies.

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  1. The Best of health to you and the baby all throughout your pregnancy. hugs!

  2. survivor mom says

    Yup!! tuna is rich. I like eating tuna too

  3. nice article. keep on posting

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