For the past 2 to 3 weeks, my little boy is always throwing tantrums. At least once a day that is! He would fuss about little things and then start to get angry and throw his toys or grab his sister’s things… Then he would cry and cry until he would say he doesn’t know how to stop! I am not sure how to handle it. Sometimes, I ask him what is the matter but he just keeps crying… sometimes, I just let him be, until he wants me to pick him up… and he starts calming down.

I know its just a phase he has to go through… but there days that I just don’t know how to handle his tantrums! I am realizing that my patience is on a short fuse these days!


  1. Just relax, loosen up, chill. Kids are mostly have that kind of attitude. As a parent what you have to do is understand and be more patient.

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