Engaged Parenting

As we are starting another year, I believe it is good practice to reflect on our past year and plan what we are to do based on what we have experienced and learned from our past actions.

Parenting is not easy and sometimes, we learn by experience. I stumbled upon a very good post from Simple Mom about 10 Questions to Encourage Engaged Parenting in 2010. It got me thinking about my parenting personality. I know most of us wants to be parents who are connected to our kids and this kind of relationship doesn’t happen overnight. We need to continuously nurture our relationship especially as the kids grow up.

Let’s reflect together as we start the year… Visit Simple Mom for more about engaged parenting. Here are the questions you can ponder upon… I got it from her post.

1. How do you think your children have experienced you as a parent in 2009?
2. How do you want your children to experience you as a parent in 2010?
3. What aspects of parenting brought you the most joy in 2009?
4. What are you looking forward to with great anticipation in 2010?
5. As you survey your parenting toolbox, which tools do find to be working well for your family, and which tools could use some sharpening?
6. How have you pursued your children in the past year?
7. What actions will you take to be more engaged with your child in 2010?
8. Is there any aspect of your relationship with your child that has been strained by unforgiveness or regret?
9. Is there an unresolved issue for which you need to offer your child forgiveness, or do you need to ask for forgiveness from your child?
10. What actions will you take to nurture a healthy connection with your children in 2010?


  1. Good post and good questions..

  2. You got me thinking too in your post chris. nice one!

  3. Will take time to reflect more on those questions…
    Great post,Mommy Chris!!^_^

  4. Thanks for this questionaire chris. they sure are helpful as i reflect on how hubby and me are as parents and how we should go about parenting Sam this year..

    happy new year pala! kababalik lang namin from vacation and heto, inuubo ako at si hubby naman, inatake ng asthma nya. sam is fine though. hope all is well with you!

  5. Miss Nanny says

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  6. ang galing naman nito marce.. a good guide for us moms.. I will copy this and try to paste it in my blog.

    jan 21 is OK with me Marce..

  7. Good post. Learning from the past…? God knows how much or how little I've learned.

    I've got a tag for you.

  8. Congrats Chris! My 1st place winner never contacted me so I drew a winner, and it turned out to be you! Come claim your prize. I also need this information:

    entrecard profile link
    paypal email address
    code/link to your badge

  9. think i really need to sit down and reflect on this 🙂 thanks for sharing chris!

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