Finally We Meet!

Today, my family and I went to visit Pehpot at her house. I wanted to meet her and to be able to visit Sati. I missed Sati’s baptismal because of schedule conflicts and so I wanted to make up for that!

Hubby was so kind to drive us all the way to Pehpot’s house and the kids played with Pehpot’s kids and nephews. Of course, I had a blast chatting the day away with her. Pehpot served a delicious lunch and we had a few photos taken… then we went back to Laguna already.

It was great to finally meet someone face to face…someone who I have been chatting, sending emails and blogging with! Pehpot was so warm and nice! I am glad to be one of her Marce!


  1. Pinay Mommy Online says

    Wow Mommies! You can almost pass as sisters. Wish to meet more mommies face to face too.

  2. me too, Chris. i want to meet you all face to face. can mommy moments schedule a get together this summer, pleaaase? with the kids of course.

  3. nice naman… gusto ko din ma-meet and buong Marce Club nyo 🙂

  4. o baka di na kayo nakakain kakadaldal. hehe ^^

  5. Hopefully soon we could meet up too. Kakainggit naman kayo. Pero i'm happy for you both at sa wakas nagkita na kayo. Looking forward to meeting you all sa personal. God Bless and hugs!!

  6. Wow pareho kayo chinita…sana makapag meet uli tayo lahat this year pag uwi ko.

  7. so happy to see your smiling faces. sana, mameet ko rin ang marce club pag makauwi ng pinas. absent ako parati eh.. hehe!

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