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A week ago, my hubby got tested for his blood sugar count. The count was quite high and since then, he has been on a healthy food diet. Brown rice, no sugar and low on fat diet. It has also prompted us to prepare a healthier menu for our kids. My kids love anything fried, but since then, we have tried to offer food like sinigang and tinola and veggies. It was my first time to prepare those dishes on my own too. I was glad they turned out okay and the kids ate them.

Do you have any suggestions what healthy food kids will love? I am just a novice cook so simple dishes only.. heeheehee..


  1. brown or red rice is good…less sugar and salt too. perfect for the kids. kami rin healthier diet for the coming years.

  2. i am eating brown rice too coz it is healthier… the big problem, Andrea doesn't like the brown rice!

  3. Both of my boys love "sabaw", so sinigang and nilaga is like every other two weeks.
    I never tried the brown rice yet, the boys might think it's "dirty". lol!

  4. Andrea-Memories As A Mom says

    Good for you guys! I will let you know if I find any new good healthy recipes, I am not much of a cook either but my son gets picky at times and so I want to start making healthier meals so that he will have more to choose from and I will know for sure that he is getting his proper nutrients.

    Happy belated 2010! Thank you for the New Year's wish, I hope that it is going well for you and your family so far!

  5. a whole wheat bread is good for breakfast. it has no sugar and fat too.

    sinigang, nilaga, tinola, munggo are delicious and packed with nutrients.

  6. I always make use of tomatoes, potatoes and carrots with my baby's meal. I think kids would really like that and stew meals are a hit to them because it's tasty.

  7. I am into healthy eating too. For the kids, why don't you try simple mixed veggies? Like carrots, baguio beans, sayote and corn kernel sauteed in butter. Parang side dish pero ulam na rin or add more lettuce, pipino and tomato to their sandwich.

  8. You can try macaroni soup (elbow macaroni with chicken, carrots/cabbage). It's very easy to prepare and healthy, too.

  9. I was never fond of eating brown rice before but since my blood was high too, i was the one who is eager to eat that kind of rice. And now, I'm healthier than ever.

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