113 Tidbits Review

113 Tidbits is a unique blogsite. I haven’t seen any blog like this one. I was wondering what category this kind of blog belongs to. After reading some of the posts, I realized that the site is linked to social networking sites and commentaries on different feeds. Though there are some posts that I can’t quite understand… there are some which caught my attention like When It’s Time To Go Wii. It is actually a review on Wii gadget. And the article on referring twitters to revtwt. It teaches you how to monetize your tweeter accounts.

The site uses a 3 column template. On the right most column, there are links to several eBay items on sale too. Like the Brand New Google Nexus One Phone . If you click on it, the page directs you to an eBay website. There are other widgets like search, archives, blogroll and facebook followers. Below the posts, there is a listing of ongoing eBay auctions.

For new visitors like me, this site actually confuses me. I can’t seem to focus whether to read posts, or browse the pictures underneath. The pictures from eBay auctions can be quite disturbing. Or maybe, this is just not my cup of tea.

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