At Home Here Review

At Home Here is a blog about Pinay views on house, home and everything in between. I find this site quite interesting as I am a Pinay mom who is hands on when it comes to our home and our house. I was quite excited to check the site and read previous posts when I first visited.
As I opened the site, the banner immediately caught my attention and I just loved it. It is so chic and at the same time, it gives a preview of a homemaker. The white background gives the site a very neat look and the widgets on the right sidebar are so organized. There is also a search widget which gives visitors an easy access to look for particular ideas or products where one might be interested in.

I checked out the posts and found Clean Your Tabo . I definitely can relate to Pehpot on this post since I can be OC when it comes to cleaning the house. And then I saw Boxes of Clutter. I love decluttering. In fact, I try to declutter the kids rooms and ours at least once a month. There are so many other posts that I enjoyed but I can’t detail everything as my post would be too long.

For homemakers like me, At Home Here really made me feel at home.

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