Blog Appetite Review

Blog Appetite is truly an appetizing blog to look at. From the moment you open the site, you are ushered into the cool colors of the site. I love the pink, white and green mixture of the template used. The blog site looks neat and welcoming! There are 3 columns on the site and I love it that contact information can be easily found. There are several useful widgets installed like subscription, recent blog posts, tags and archives.

This site is a personal blog of a working mom. Mye, author of Blog Appetite, is a part time digiscrapper and an event coordinator. She is a loving mom to twin girls. From the posts in her site, you can see that she is really a great digiscrapper. I have always wanted to learn digiscrapping but I don’t think I am gifted like Mye in this area. She also shares about her life and her kids and her life at work.

This is a site you would want to visit every now and then. You can learn about digiscraps or read personal stories from Mye. I hope Mye would update her site more often! I would definitely be back!

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