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Home Buddies

Home Buddies is a site I visit frequently. Aside from the fact that Fedzh is part of the Marce club, she writes eloquently and her posts are quite interesting. The topics she write s about are mixed and it can range from her recent visit to a cheap foot spa to how she saves through freebies to her online earnings . There never is a dull post with Home Buddies!

So who is the brains behind Home Buddies? She is Fedzh, a loving mom to Yz and partner to Mike. The posts she writes certainly will allow you get to know more about her and her life. Major breakthroughs in their life like when they were finally moving is a post which I remember vividly for some reason.

The template she uses is very neat looking and due to Fedzh’s OC-ness, she was able to categorize her posts effectively. This category list can be seen on her sidebars. Her recent online earnings are listed as well. As if to encourage you to earn online too, she has some buttons on her sidebar related to earning online. The only thing I think which is lacking is a list of recent posts. For frequent visitors like me, it would be great to be able to browse through posts without having to go back to the homepage itself.

This is a definitely a must visit site! Not only is it informative, you would feel like you have visited a friend’s home too.


  1. Ang sipag mo mag review sis,Good Luck on winning the contest. I didn't join because of the review requirements.

  2. Hi Chris, just wondering — what is Marce Club.

  3. Hi, marce. hehe. thanks. uu dati meron din akong recent posts sa sidebar. inalis ko kase feeling ko walang silbi. lol sigi balik ko nga. hehe thanks po!tska po baliktad po ung spelling ng name ko eh, fedhz. hehehe. OC tlaga no?

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