Kyla’s Third Quarter Report Card

Last Friday, I went to get Kyla’s report card from her school and I was very happy that her teacher said she is ready for the first grade. I was glad that her grades were consistently high and as I read her teacher’s comment on her report card, I feel blessed that I have a daughter who loves to study and is showing good character in school.

I can’t believe that she is almost through with preschool. With just one quarter to go, she will be in the first grade already! hay.. how fast time passes by!


  1. hi! stopping by from Msbountybasket—and bravo to your daughter

  2. Hindi pa pala grade 1 si kylan and she can read phrases already. wow smart kid. Keep reading kyla, and good job for mommy.

  3. You must be real proud! She's quite a blessing!

  4. Muthering Heights says

    That's a wonderful report card!

  5. You raised your kids well. Good job, mommy! Congrats, Kyla, for a job well done!

  6. Congratulations again, lil' Miss Kyla!

  7. onlinemommy says

    Kyla is indeed a blessing as a daughter. I hope she continues her good attitude towards her study.

    Congrats as well to you!

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