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Our theme for this Friday’s Mommy Moments is about Love Language. I believe that it is important for us parents to know the love language of our child. Especially as they are growing up, their personalities are becoming more prevalent and obvious. I have posted about this topic before but in line with our theme, I want to share it again with you.

Here are the five love languages as described by Gary Chapman.
• Words of Affirmation. People need to hear compliments. Simple “thank you” or “you look wonderful today” is important to this people.
• Quality Time. People equate love with spending time with them like listening to them, walking, talking and the likes.
• Physical Touch. People need to be hugged, touched, or sit close together.
• Receiving Gifts. People need to receive thoughtful, not necessarily expensive, gifts.
• Acts of Service. People receive love through acts of service like fixing the bed, preparing a meal for them or doing a chore for them.

On your post this Friday, you can discuss what your primary love language is and if you already know your child’s love language, you can also share it with us! This should be exciting.

Now, let me go check on tm-t88iv before posting about my love language.


  1. I was about to search for this because I read about Gary Chapman in the book I was holding last night. I thought that might be the love language for this week's theme of Mommmy Moments, and it is! Thanks for sharing this very helpful info.

  2. i love this week's theme, chris.

  3. BastiSimonSam&Mai says

    thanks for the info.. i was wondering what love language is.. now i know… this is a very very good topic.

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