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Our theme for this week is A Message of Love. You can share your own message for your loved ones or kids or you can share messages you received from your loved ones. It can come in any form. Videos, pictures or letters…

For moms like me, nothing beats receiving cards or letters from your kids. I got this card from Kyla. She gave it to me 2 days ago on the day of her birthday.

I am not really a very expressive person. But as much as possible, I go out of my comfort zone and hug my kids and lavish them with praises and encouragement. I wrote a letter for Kyla when she was just a year old and I think I should do that again now for both of them.

And as for hubby, I am so blessed that he is a man who loves God and has surrendered His life for Him. I am thankful that he is responsible and loving. He provides stability and direction for our family. On this love month, I wish to send my loved ones this message…

How about you? Share it with us at Mommy Moments.


  1. Pinay Mommy Online says

    Joining again. Sorry for always being absent. Kinda busy busy busy! But I hope to play more soon. Thanks!

  2. Sweet naman ng mga chikiting mo chris.

  3. Ang hirap naman nito Mommy Chris. Hindi pa marunong mag sulat si Julia, hahaha! Pano yun? 😉

  4. Ang sweet ni Kyla, Marce ganyan din mga bagets ko, hintayin ko kung ano ang ibigay nila sakin sa Valentine's Day. 🙂

  5. Hi Mommy Chris! Your written words are enough expression of your love for your family. Its overflowing and very obvious.. 🙂 Happy Valentine's!

  6. That's a beautiful family photo. Kyla is one of the sweetest daughters I have seen in the blogosphere. Happy Valentine's to you Chris and your family.

  7. Awww! Kyla's a really sweet and thoughtful girl. Happy Mommy Moments, Chris!

  8. Debbie Racho says

    i missed mommy moments! where have i been? lol! i will try to join next week!

  9. Kyla is such a sweet kid,I love her for being soo expressive to her love to you,Mommy Chris.

  10. Happy Valentine's Day Mmy Chris and family!
    Masarap makatanggap ng ganitong klaseng card galing sa ating mga anak.

  11. wonderful family! and sweet naman nila at si kyla can express her love well.. belated happy birthday to your princess..happy birthday kyla!!

  12. Ang sweet naman ni Kyla. I am looking forward to that day when my Alyssa will be giving me cards of her own messages of love and I think we have to write to our kids every year no? haay, maupisahan kaya sa birthday nya.. thanks for the idea mommy chris!

  13. inggit ako sa yo marce chris.. because kyla is now able to give you cards. so sweet indeed! yan ang inaanticipate ko.. bigyan rin kaya ako ni sam ng mga ganyan pag malaki na cya? hehe! got me thinking…

    happy friday and may you have a wonderful valentine's celebration with the family. God bless!

  14. You might not as expressive as you thought yet your kids feel the love w/ in that shows how Kyla turns to be as an expreesive & sweet daughter.
    Here in Japan,mommies don't receive any valentine cards or gifts from our children as well as our husband,celebrating valentines day in Japan is quite diffrent comapres to other countries…Happy Valentines day you Marce as well as your family.Hugs!

  15. Happy Valentines Day mommy Cris! I am glad that I was able to join todays theme….

  16. That is so sweet of Kyla, di ko na na picturan ang drawing ni Wrozlie na bulaklak at sulat ni Roan, may next entries pa naman. Happy Valentine's Day to you all..

  17. nice family you got there!

  18. Sayang mommy Chris I wasn't able to post mine….late na ksi….

    anyway, Happy Vday!

  19. Kyla is so sweet..galing nya na mag sulat!! Btw sorry for the late post. here's my link pala Chris.
    Happy weekend!!

  20. Happy Hearts Day Mommy Cris! Made it this week! =)

  21. says

    Hi mommy chris! i made my entry last friday! but i forgot to put the link! hehehe nice to be back!!

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