Random WAHM Thoughts Review


Radom WAHM Thoughts is authored by Kaye. I am writing this review as part of the requirements for her and Peh’s ongoing contest. If you haven’t joined yet, better check it out!

I found this site a couple of months ago and since then, I have been a regular visitor. I have always been on the look out for WAHM sites and this one stands out with her pink layout and cute header! Her menu also switches from text to a cute graphic as you hover each one. But my favorite is her signature. I wish I made it to her Sunday signature freebies.

Random WAHM Thoughts is a log of a mommy’s life and her discoveries around the internet. I really love her recent post about the top commentators widget. With K’s help, my site is now installed with this cool widget! What I love most about Random WAHM Thoughts is that she shares her thoughts and sentiments in her creative ways! I felt how much she missed her sis when I read her post about her. She also wrote about her fondest Christmas memory which brings back my own fondest Christmas memories too!

So do I recommend this site? Yes, I definitely do. Not only will you learn something new, you get to read beautifully written posts too.


  1. See how u ranked as ECdropper

  2. naks nagblush ako dun (kahit hindi ako marunong! hahaha!). ayun. salamat din dito sa review mo marce! dami mo na points. hihi.

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