A Proud Momma Moment!

I can’t believe it! My daughter Kyla has finally graduated from preschool today! I was very excited for her. I was so proud of her too. Not only because she brought home 4 awards, but because she has grown up and matured a lot since we enrolled her in school last school year. She has overcome her stage fright and is more confident now. Truly amazing! I will post more about her graduation day later this week at Mommy Moments. I am still thinking of what personalized gifts that I can give to her.


  1. Ellen Joy says

    Hi mommy chris 🙂 You're so blessed to have such a bright kid 🙂

    nga po paa, kindly join ds easter campaign for kids. Check out ur virtual basket here: Hersheys campaign and if u have d time, do let me know what u think about ds: The iPop. Thanks!

  2. Ellen Joy says

    naku mommy, here are the right links pala:
    Hersheys campaign and The iPop. Thanks!

  3. Mrs Graig says

    Hi Chris,
    Congratulation to your daughter. I still have a long way to go to see my daughter graduated from her preschool :)Must be excited waiting for the moment 🙂

  4. you're blessed with sweet, loving and smart kids. congratulations!

    by the way, what does our next theme "Moving Up Day" exactly means? Sorry ha, medyo nalilito ako. Does it mean moving up to a new house or place? you can leave a comment on my site or email me, rossel_dacio@yahoo.com. pwede bang today din?

    maaga ako ngayon kase i am making my scheduled post for I won't be online on Thursday and Friday as we will observe the Lent. thanks in advance and God bless your family always!

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  5. ♥Willa♥ says

    CONGRATS TO KYLA!!! and to the proud parents of course!!!!

  6. Congratulations to you and kyla! that's really something to be proud of 😀

    Pls do visit my heartifying blog if you have time. Thanks!

  7. Serendipity is Sweet says

    Aw, congratulations to her!…and you 🙂

  8. Upstatemomof3 says

    Awww!! Congratulations!! That is so big and exciting!!

  9. congratulations mommy chris!

    homeschool na sya next year?

  10. Thanks for the visit, Mommy Chris. Our congratulations to Kyla.

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