Babyhaler for Asthma

My daughter has been coughing again since Friday so we brought her to the pedia-pulmonologist today. The doctor told us that he thinks it is time for us to upscale her asthma treatment… since the maintenance medicine doesn’t seem to be working, he prescribed an inhaler for her. He also advised us to get a Babyhaler to make sure that she gets the medicine from the inhaler correctly. I haven’t seen a Babyhaler before so when we bought one earlier, this is what I saw.

The doctor said that she will be using it for at least a few months. I pray that may God use these medicines to help her be healed and let her Asthma attacks become less and less frequent.


  1. onlinemommy says

    same with my daughter. My daughter's attack is every wee hours of the night 🙁 She coughing very hard 🙁

    I'm praying for a pedia-pulmonary who really understand my daughter's sickness.

  2. i really hope that works for your baby..

  3. I hope she'll be ok. I'll be praying for her.

    Anyways, please do check my blog about Arnel Pineda National Anthem being criticized.

  4. my son also has asthma since 6 mos old. we were in and out of the hospital and have bought all the gadgets to help him. But when i had enough of it, i changed his pedia and resigned from my job. Good enough he is never admitted again and no attacks except for mild ones. Pray for you child also to get over her asthma 🙂

  5. Ren also uses this baby inhaler even before he reached 1 yr. old. He used it for almost a year as per pedia's advise good thing he doesn't have any asthma attack ever since. He is now 2 years old and 7 months.

  6. That's how a babyhaler pala looks like. I remember receiving one from Justin's pedia when he was prescribed Seretide; I just don't know what it's called. Justin used to have allergic cough. Justin is still on Montelukast and Seretide for the entrie month of March.

  7. I hope Kyla gets better with her inhaler.

  8. wandergirl says

    my daughter is also using this device. she had her 1st asthma attack a month ago, she was 11 months then. she was admitted in the hospital for 2 days and we bought her nebulizer and was using it for 3 weeks and then we were advised to get a babyhaler. she's prescribed to use the babyhaler for a month.

  9. Nagkaroon ba ng mouth ulcers (singaw) ang mga baby nyo while using this babyhaler? Nkaprescribe din kasi ito sa baby ko kaso natatakot ako baka magkasingaw sya eh. sabi kasi nila isa sa mga side effects ng babyhaler ay mouth ulcers. please mommies i need your advice. Thanks!

  10. Hi mga mommies and daddies, just wanna ask where din you buy your baby halers? does anyone here bought from clinica manila? if yes, can anyone post picture please. thanks

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