Great Finds!

Whenever I find great finds with a bargain price, it really brings me happiness 🙂

I love it that my kids love books… so whenever I have some extra money, we try to pass by Booksale. We found these books with a very cheap price! One is 45 while the other one is just 10 pesos. Its not bad at all, isn’t it? We also try to pass by other bargain shops to look for coloring books and other story books.

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  1. I've been thinking of getting my own domain but I don't think my blog has the 'k' yet. Thanks for the link.

    I love going to BookSale stores. I browse the racks and look for great bargains for me and Aori 🙂

  2. i patronize Booksale myself. there's one in SM Fairview where I work and Robinson just across. I normally look for 'really old' copies of Shidney Sheldon books because they're a ot cheaper, lol!

  3. vivapinay says

    Great finds indeed mommy! I love going to Booksale as well to hunt for cheap books..

  4. Great finds! I'm sure your kids will enjoy those books.

  5. I also love going to Booksale with my daughter. We look for super mura books for her. I enjoy seeing my daughter scanning the books for kids.

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