Hubby’s Health Update

Hubby just came from the doctor yesterday. He had his check up regarding his diabetes. So far, the doctor has said that it seems like he is doing better and the diagnosis of his diabetes is Diabetes Type 1. So Im not really sure what having Diabetes type 1 mean? So I went to check out some websites and this is what I found out. Type 1 diabetes means that the treatment is insulin dependent while type 2 is non-insulin dependent. He was advised by doctor to continue his insulin shots until May, and that is when he will have another check up. Of course, he needs to continue his good diet and exercise. Hubby loves to eat and this is really a huge challenge for him. Maybe he needs to check out appetite suppressant reviews but moreso, I believe he needs discipline, support and reminder from loved ones.
Do continue to pray for us friends. Thanks a lot.


  1. It's really hard to lessen your food intake when you're a food lover. I remember when I underwent surgery in 2004, my blood sugar went up that I had to be given insulin shots, too, for a month or so. Good thing, it's only temporary. I had a really hard time with my diet because I'm a huge rice eater, and I couldn't eat that much rice anymore. Now, I'm back to my old ways. LOL! Seriously, though, I hope your husband is doing okay.

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