Like Father Like Son

These were their outfits today, doesn’t the father and son tandem look handsome? My little boy chose this long sleeved polo shirt because he said “I want to wear the same as daddy…” And I certainly think it looks good on him, don’t you think so? Now, maybe i should get him those tuxedos. That would certainly look nice on him.


  1. Fresh Mommy says:

    Oh they are just way too cute!!! Love the matchy look, and I love when kids want to be like their parents. Adorable!!


  2. ♡ N o r e e n says:

    Awwww kisig naman ng mag-ama mo 🙂 I love their outfits!

  3. Father and son look really handsome in their long-sleeved polo and pants.

  4. They both look handsome 🙂 Good to train our little ones to dress up properly especially when they will go to church 🙂

  5. ang cute naman… nakakatuwa…

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