Lover Mushroom Review

Why Lover Mushroom? I was wondering that myself when I first visited this site a year ago or so. I found out that they called themselves lover mushroom because when Niko and Yobib first started out, they had to hide their relationship, just like mushrooms, their love sprouted and endured the test of time. Romantic isn’t it? Just as I thought! True enough, this site revolves around their love story and most of the posts are about relationships and their personal stories. One of the post that I vividly remember is the one about how to affair proof your relationship. And I thoroughly enjoy reading their entries to Couple’s Corner every Wednesday. It definitely shows the ups and downs they have been through as a couple.

As for the layout, the site uses a brown and white colored template. It utilizes a 3 column layout. I like it that the 2 sidebars are on the sides while the posts are on the middle, it allows the readers to really focus on the posts rather than on widgets and sidebars. I also took note that this site has a page rank of 2!

So, if you want to read some true to life love stories, this is a site you wouldn’t want to miss!

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