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Friday is here once again and its Mommy Moments day! Our theme today is quite different. Accidents happen whether we like or not. As moms, we all had our share of our kids running into some accidents or injuries. Do you have first aid tips you would like to share with us?

These are the first aid items we have often used…
The cold pack is the most used item… I remember when Toby was 1-2 year old, he would have bumps almost every week. We always used the cold pack and compress it on the bump so that the bump won’t get any bigger and that the swelling would subside.
The ear thermometer is a must for every house hold. The red bag is used when my daughter have tummy aches. We put hot water inside and she holds the bag close to her tummy to relieve her tummy aches. The hydrocortisone is used when there are skin rashes which is common to us, that is why I am interested in neutrogena skin id . And lastly, the Povidone-Iodine is used when they get cuts and skin abrasions while playing outside.
Of course since Kyla has asthma, we now have a nebulizer here at home. We also have ceterizine and montelukast medicine available all the time.
The best tip I can offer is to be prepared. As much as we want to protect our kids from any form of danger, we can never do that. The kids also needs space to grow and we as parents need to be beside them, if ever they need help and guidance but we can not live their life for them. We need to be prepared with first aid kits and more importantly, we need to be prepared emotionally and mentally when something does happen.
Now, its your turn!


  1. onlinemommy says

    Very true mommy!Accidents happen whether we like it or not and though we want as much as we can protect our kids from any harm, some accidents are simple inevitable.

  2. yes. with kids, accidents are prone to happen especially if they can already walk or run. better to be prepared all the time. i learned this the hard way though.

  3. I agree! We also need to toughen up as they look to us for support when something happens 🙂 Nice theme, mommy! 🙂

  4. A thermometer is really a must-have in the house. We also have a nebulizer at home that we use when Justin has a really bad cough.

  5. yeah your right no matter what how careful we are to them, they would encounter accidents anyway thats the part of growing right? mine is up and its here

  6. i am totally agree with you. we should always be prepared because we never know when emergencies may occur.

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  7. we used elomet cream for Hyzyd's rashes and that bump thing naku palagi din si Hyzyd kaya tips na binigay ko is about bumps and bruise…

  8. Bambie dear ★ says

    you're so right.. we'll never know that's why should always ready ourselves.. kailangan ko nga pala dagdagan ang first aid ko. Thanks for sharing.. mamya share ko din sa kin kahit konti lang

  9. Absolutely!!Accidents or sudden illness often happen when we least expect them so we must be prepared.Pareho pala kaming asthmatic ni Kyla kawawa naman.Ang hirap kaya ng may asthma.
    mine is up now…

  10. Nakakataranta kapag may sakit ang mga bagets. I'm sure naranasan mo na ang matutulala ka habang nagbabantay sa junak na may sakit.

    re first aid kit or medicine, marami rin kami niyan noong maliliit pa mga anak ko. ngayon paracetamol and vitamins na lang ang di nawawala sa ref

  11. Hindi talaga maiiwasan sa mga bata ang ma accident sa mga kalikotan nila. buti si mommy girls scout laging handa.

  12. Right, it's really good to be prepared all the time not only for kids but for every member in the family.
    I'm joining here for the first time and my post is already up. I hope it will be helpful for the mommy community.

  13. hi marce chris. just posted my very late entry. pasencya na.

    first aid kits are really an essential in every household. you never know when our kids and us get injured. better to be prepared than be sorry.

  14. I completely agree mommy Chris…..thanks for sharing….:)

  15. Ellen Joy says

    yup… my eldest needs that cold pack asap… she's so active and naughty that she keeps on banging and bumping into things lately. Will ask hubby to buy that cold pack later. Thanks Chris! 🙂

  16. It's good to be prepared all the time most especially if you have active kids.I'm always carrying band aids with me!

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