Plans for the Holy Week

In a few weeks, it will be Holy Week already. I am really looking forward to it since it would be Kyla’s vacation already by then and hopefully, hubby will also have time off from his work. I have been thinking which is the best way to spend the Holy Week and here are some ideas that I thought of.
1. To go to beach resorts and see a multitude of people
2. To go to a hotel and spend one night there and enjoy amenities.
3. To stay home and open our inflatable pool.
4. To visit Tagaytay since it is quite near our place.

I am glad that my mom has a complimentary stay at a hotel and that she allowed us to use it! The hotel allowed us to book that stay during one day of the coming Holy Week so that is where we are going! It would be great to stay away for a night and enjoy without having to clean up the place 🙂

Now that we finally have a plan, I can check out to find out more about how to remove zits! With the really hot weather we are having now, pimples and acne are so common. I usually get all sorts of rashes on pressure areas during summer. It can really get annoying and irritating!


  1. I have no idea what we are going to do. Most likely, not much, since my so will still have his therapy appts during the week.

  2. Don't you guys want to clicm mountain para sa penetensya hehehe. Enjoy you holy week with the kids chris.

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