They Are Getting Married!

My hubby’s brother is getting married on October this year. It is a highly anticipated event since he is the last one of the 3 siblings who is to get married. He and his fiancé are both residing and working in the US, and they plan to get married there.
Being physically apart from them, it is difficult to help them in the preparation for their wedding. I tried to refer my photographer friend who resides in Canada to them. Though they wanted to get someone local to where they are to lower costs. I think I would just help them look for cheap invitations. I remember that planning for the wedding was really exciting but it can be nerve wracking too. So I just want to lend a hand to my future sister-in-law.
I wish at least my hubby could go and witness this special moment in his brother’s life but as of the moment, it seems impossible as the US visa and plane tickets are quite costly and we don’t have any budget for that now.
I heard that the couple plans to come home some time next year so maybe we will be able to bond and share some time with them when they come back to the Philippines for vacation.


  1. now that is one huge family celebration. Congratulations to your brother!

    visiting you today and checcking MM theme.

  2. Andrea-Memories As A Mom says

    Congrats to your brother-in-law! Hope it's a great wedding & marriage!

  3. congrats to them 😀 hehe.. yeah plane tickets are costly.

  4. congratulations to your brother-in-law!
    wishing him a blissful married life!

    btw, mommy chris, can you link up my baby's blog?
    here's the link:

    will try to join mommy moment this friday…

  5. congratulations to your brother-in-law! Good wishes to the bride and groom.

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