Thursday Thirteen – My Update

It has been a long time since I joined Thursday Thirteen. Today, I want to post about whatever is on my thoughts and what I have been up to lately!

1. I love watching Chuck… I love it that Sarah has a new love interest!
2. I am disappointed with this season’s 24.
3. I started a new blog called Chris Chronicles. Hope you can visit me there!
4. I joined Harriet’s Comment Challenge this month.
5. I switched to Google Chrome and I am loving it!
6. I need more blogging opportunities so I can save up some money. We really need a few things here at home, and of course, we need to save up for payment of unpaid bills.
7. I spend less time in Facebook now.
8. I am looking forward to some vacation time this summer. Though I don’t have any plans yet.
9. I joined Kaye and Pehpot’s blog contest, I hope I win! This is why I have written so many blog reviews.
10. I am looking for memes that I can join in, can you recommend any?
11. I hope to finish reading the New Testament before June comes!
12. Looking forward to meeting more online friends in the months to come!
13. I need a 125×125 button for my new blog.


  1. The Twitterer says

    hope you'll consider me in for the # 12.

    happy thursday!

  2. That's a great list, good luck!

  3. I am Harriet says

    Yeah!!! You joined the comment challenge this month!!
    Good luck!

  4. wonderful list in many ways

  5. what do you love about google chrome ??

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