A Joyful Day!

Today was a joyful day! We celebrated our church’s 4th year anniversary today! It was a beautiful easter Sunday and we had a guest speaker today. His name is Pastor Clem Guillermo. If you are familiar with DZAS’ radio program Heartline, he is the lead counsellor there.

I was blessed because we got to eat lunch with him and his wife. We ate at Contis’ here in Nuvali and I was really full! The food was great and now, I feel like I need diet aids to help me lose some weight I gained from eating so much!


  1. Congrats on your church’s 4th anniversary!Mommy DiaryPaula’s PlaceWAHM sa PinasDadedidoduHandy Reviews

  2. I used to listen to him when he used to co-host heartline.

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