Another Blessing!

Hubby has received word that his appointment as Pastor In Charge for Greenhills Christian Fellowship-Sta Rosa satellite has been approved by the board of elders from the main church in Ortigas. This is great news! We are really financially tight and this adjustment would be a big help for us!
Now, that also means that people are expecting more from him and from me, being a pastor’s wife. I hope I wouldn’t need wrinkle treatments soon! But kidding aside, I don’t really want to become too involved in the ministry in the church yet because I know that I have been called to minister to my family first. Since my kids are still small, I hope to do some mentoring first. One step at a time.
Anyway, I am truly grateful to God for all the blessings He has given us!


  1. nice blessing. I previously worked at Ford Motor Company @ Sta. Rosa Laguna. And rented an apartment near Paseo….But I need to resigned from my work for me to get…I already have the most important blessing…my son, Garren…God Bless Always

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