Health is Wealth

Health is wealth. When you have babies, you always make sure that you bring them to the paediatrician on a regular basis to get shots. As they grow up, you always try to make sure they have their vitamins and if they do get sick, you provide the medicine and the supplements they need. When you are middle aged, you begin to experience some pains in your body and realize that you better care for your body before it is too late. You become health buffs and read reviews of medicines like colonix review. Try to exercise and walk around your village at least 3x a week. Eat healthy food and avoid sweet and salty food. Less sugar and carbohydrate intake too.

True, if you are healthy… then you are wealthy because if you get sick, your wealth will definitely be gone before you know it.


  1. Right, health is indeed wealth. I see a lot of people wasting much money ending at the hospitals for treatment due to their unhealthy lifestyles.

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