Hopeful Summer Plans

Summer break has officially begun for my kids! Now, what are we going to do this summer? I hope we can get to travel to different places like museums and the beach and camp sites. I also hope we can find a drawing class or ballet class for Kyla which is located near where we live. I also hope that we would be able to do different arts and crafts here at home. Hopefully, Toby will learn to recognize all the letters of the alphabet this summer too. As for Kyla, I hope we can improve on her spelling skills so that words like spirometers wouldn’t be so hard for her to spell eventually. Lastly, I do hope that they would be able to attend Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) too!


  1. VBS is daily there Chris? How wonderful is that! I hope that's the case in our town as I want CJ to experience VBS too. We're going home first week of May.

    Congratulations on Kyla's graduation and all those achievements. I don't have an entry for this week's MM because CJ quit K2 at the beginning of this year, refused outright to go back to his Dad's. As it's the middle of his school year, this change requires me to overhaul study arrangements. It looks like he's bound to study in the Philippines now.

    All the best this summer for your family!

  2. There’s just so many fun activities for kids this summer. I hope you find one for both Kyla nd Toby.

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