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Friday is here! Our theme today is about shoes! Post about your kids’ shoes or just their favorite pair.. My kids have lots of shoes. Almost all of them are courtesy of my mom. She has so many pair of shoes… she probably has more than 10. She has more than I have! This is Kyla’s favorite pair. She is almost always wearing pink clothes so this pair of shoe is her recent favorite.
while Toby has fewer pairs of shoes. This is Toby’s favorite pair. It has Diego character on it.


  1. Cute shoes! I miss having babies and toddlers running around the house. My boys’ ages start from 11 and up so they only mostly wear rubber shoes aside from their black leather shoes for school. Not much to take photos of :p

  2. Hi, Chris! Justin also has Diego character in his walking shoes, but I wasn’t able to include it in my post. I have a blooper. I thought that this week’s theme is just about our kids’ shoes. I included mine, too. LOL! I hope that’s fine.

  3. oh so cute ng mga shoes nila. pareho tayo marce chris, mas marami rin pairs ni sam kesa sa akin. hehe!

  4. Cutie shoes!!Kids ko rin mas maraming shoes kesa sa akin lol!Ang bilis kasi nilang lumaki eh tapos madali pang masira.

  5. meretrisha says

    Hi Chris, your kids’ shoes are beautiful! I’m glad to be back.. Glad to share as well 🙂

  6. Hi Mommy Chris how are u sorry wala ako last week pero humabol naman ako naun. heres mine thanks

  7. Evan's Mom says

    Lovely shoes. I like wearing girly shoes too when I was at Kyla’s age :)Happy weekend!

  8. Nice pair of shoes, so cute =) Parehas pala tayo mas maraming shoes si Kei and Rio kesa sa akin =)

  9. judys424 says

    How very girly shoes for Kyla..its so cute..:) We don’t buy shoes for Aori until he’s about to out grow them. Sayang kasi.. hehe..

  10. how cute for your little girl.. my little girl once love this kind of shoes but change her prefence when she got older.

  11. nice shoes marce! I love Kyla’s pretty shoes 🙂

  12. Kyla’s shoes look so comfy and girly. No wonder it’s her favorite pair.

  13. Chris Adventures says

    wow cute din kay little girl mo na shoes and sa kay Toby eh cute may ganon ang anak ko but he do not liek it siguro iba iba ang taste ng mga bata no? happy MM!

  14. When it comes to our kids shoes kahit a little bit pricey binibili kasi cute eh.

  15. joyfulmom says

    Hi! I’m an oc mom, i don’t like seeing kalats. so when my kids have a new pair of shoes, i give away the other pair. i just leave 1pair for every type( rubber, formal shoes, school shoes)

  16. By MelCole of PA says

    Hi Te Chris, I’m back to join your MM today! Lots of shoes today!

  17. Ganun yata talaga when you have children sila ang prioritized & just like you my kids has plenty of shoes too more than I have :DI like Kyla & Toby’s pair of shoes.My youngests crocs shoe hasn’t any Diego character but minnie mouse character fave nya rin isuot becaue it’s really confy 😀

  18. Ladynred says

    looks very comfy.

  19. awwwwwwww so cute naman….:) mine is up as well!

  20. nice and comfy shoes for those busy feet! mine’s here:Cute Shoes

  21. i like your daughter’s and so cute…nice din sandal ni Toby…yon din mostly gamit ng mga students ko during our summer class..kumusta marce? nakahabol pa ako’s my entry:

  22. Charlotte Victoria says

    Love it! so cute naman ng shoes!

  23. sarado na ba tindahan, hehepresent pa rin kahit late na. kahapon ko pa naipost pero late pa rin. mahaba rin ang paa ni Kyla parang kay Naomi. :)

  24. aaaw that pink shoes with flowers are perfect for a sweet young gurl!thank you so much for linking me again, Mommy! Happy Monday!

  25. i did make my entry too 🙂 ngayon pa lang, sobrang late.. ehehhe its here :

  26. Christina says

    Looks very comfy and nice.

    I am late in posting my entry for shoes pero I still want to post it in my blog.

    hope okay lang.

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