Rashes Rashes

My little boy has some rashes on his legs and feet. It started yesterday morning. I am not sure what to do… whenever my kids show any kind of sickness, I noticed that it bothers me more than my hubby… I can’t concentrate on my research on best diet pills.

Anyway, I gave him anti-allergy and put on Hydrocortisone cream on the rashes. So far, the rashes are still visible, though its not reddish anymore. When you touch it, its like chicken skin… I hope that the rash will be gone by tomorrow as it will be the third day already. Have you ever encountered this with your child?


  1. rjs mama says:

    you should bring him to a dermatologist mommy chris

  2. I would be careful on using a hydrocortisone cream. It doesn't really cure the rash, it only relieves itching and redness not the cause of the rash. And its a steroid so I am always hesitant in using it on my kids.

  3. must be cause by the hot weather mare.

  4. Mommy Rubz says:

    Baka he was able to eat something nasty that his body reacted to it. If hinde mawala Mommy, go and see the doctor. 🙂

  5. judys424 says:

    The heat is just unbearable. One cream that works on Aori is Betnovate. But of course, always consult your dermatologist first 🙂

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