Winner of Beautiful Creatures CD Giveaway

I want to thank the 17 participants who commented on Beautiful Creatures CD Giveaway.

1. Einz

2. Tatess

3. Ceemee

4. Jona

5. Divine

6. Rubz

7. Phebie

8. Mylene

9. Zoan

10. Veta

11. Sherry

12. Melandria

13. Mhay

14. Meretrisha

15. Random blog contest

16. Gene

17. AC

The lucky winner will be able to get a copy of all the MP3 songs from this cool CD. I will be contacting the winner shortly after this post goes out…I used’s random number generator and the result is number 16!
Congratulations to Gene!


  1. Congrats to Gene .for the others better luck next time. sigh!

  2. congratulations to you sis Gene!

  3. Genejosh says

    wow I won!!!! thanks marce for hosting this giveaway:) can't wait to listen those songs with my Hyzyd:)

  4. Mommy Rubz says

    Congratulations Gene! ^_^

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