Photobook Credits!

A few days ago, I received photobook credits once again from Artscow! After making a video presentation today for my bro-in-law who is getting married in the States this October, I think I am inspired to use these photobook credits before they expire! I have quite a number of them actually. I want to make one for hubby and me – our 10th wedding anniversary will come up by February! I want to make one for my daughter and one for my son… Then I also want to make one for my sister and for my mother in law too. My only problem is that my internet connection here at home is quite slow 🙁 That would be the challenge and if I have time to do all of them…


  1. Mom-Friday says:

    Hi! I am really curious about Artscow since a friend also recommended I try it. So what's the catch with the free prints or albums? Do they shop to you directly?

  2. Mom-Friday says:

    Oops, typo, I mean — Do they SHIP to you directly?

  3. st kilda sea baths says:

    The photobook contains many well known Chinese stars. Some of the photos by Leslie Kee are very risqué, of the adult nature that shows a lot of skin.

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