Potty Trained!!!

My little boy is finally potty trained! Well, he has been off his diapers since he was 2 something but it only stared last week when we finally would tell me when he is going to poop. He used to just poop on his pants whenever I don’t catch him on time. But thankfully, starting last week, he finally would tell me and go to the CR to do his thing! I am so glad. He is now 3 and 6 months. It took quite a long time but its worth it! Now I can relax and try out some weight loss drinks without having to worry about him!


  1. Mas mahirap atang itrain ang lalaki sa potty trained. My daughter had no incidents when it comes to poops. Mas madalas sa pagihi sya natataranta at hindi umaabot dahil mukhang nagpipigil kapag busy sa ginagawa.

    It is really a long journey for us pero it is all worth it 🙂

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    I think you should choose a potty chair once your child has shown that he is ready to begin toilet training.

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