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It is Friday once again and our theme for this week is Books! Is your family a fan of books? We are. When my kids were still babies, we made sure we expose them to different sorts of books. Whenever we travel, books are part of our baggage. We also make sure that at least once a day, we have a time for reading. I believe that because of early exposure and our own love for books, our kids has begun to love reading.

Now that my daughter can read by herself, I try to pass by BookSale once in awhile so we can buy good books for her to read and I also continue to read story books for my son on a daily basis. This is already part of our night time routine.
Here is a glimpse of their bookshelf!

Here are some of the first books they read…

And this is the most recent book that my daughter has finished reading…

And this is what she is reading today…

And this is what my son and I are reading.

Do you have your own book stories? Share them with us at Mommy Moments!


  1. They have a good collection of books. Parang younger version ng daughter ko si Kyla, pareho silang drawing books ang binabasa ngayon. 🙂

  2. andami books!! si yenggay rin mahilig magbasa 😉

    picturan ko sana mga books nya.. kaso wla na ko time huhuh hihih

    happy MM!

  3. bonz - for little zoie says

    wow, ang daming books, mommy chris!

    my little zoie loves books too, but just posted a few.

    happy MM!

  4. We are bookworms at home! Apir! hehe. Keep it up!

  5. awww…daming books! pede pahiram…ehehehhe…ang asting ni Toby…ehehhehe…:)

  6. Cute cute ng kids mo… My kids love books too..

  7. It's good to expose our children to books at an early age. They learn to love to read, which is a very productive hobby! They also learn a lot in the process. Ganda ng mga books nila, Chris!

  8. chubskulit says

    Wow, I bet kyla can read fast now Chris.

    Books Adventure

  9. Daming books, maganda yan kasi meaning they love to read 🙂

  10. we love books too. rhonnel and rj are addicted on reading. it's sad that i don't have much time to read now but i used to read a lot.

    early exposure to books are good for our kids. they can read and spell at an early age and their comprehensions are being developed too.

  11. Hi Cris! It's been awhile. I made it to Mommy Moments this week. I'm a fan of books and I'm really hoping my kids become avid readers as well.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. you've done a good job for kyla and toby!

  13. I always looking forward to Fridays…Happy reading books…

  14. *♥Shydub♥* says

    Daming book nila ahh. babait talaga ng mga anak mo Chris kasi nag popose pag pinipicturan.

  15. You brought you kids up so well, congrats girl…

  16. wow naman ang daming books, dito sa amin napupunit ang mga books, kasi angmga kids minsan nag aagawan, hehehe! reading is important Marce, di ba? kaya siguro ang tatalino ng mga kiddos mo.

  17. wow! impressive book shelf. keep it up!

  18. Bambie ★ says

    Have a nice weekend =) malapit na rin dumami ang mga books ni Azumi.. gusto ko rin kasi sya maging bookworm =)


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