Mommy Moments – Lights.. Camera.. Pose

mommy moments

Our theme for today is your favorite photos of your kids. They can be new photos or old photos that you would like to share with us. It can be a candid shot or it can be portrait.

Here are some of my recent favorites ….

Note: I would like to apologize to all participants for not being able to blog hop yet… I will check out your posts as soon as I am well enough and when my daughter gets well. Thanks!


  1. Bambie dear ★ says

    Adorable Kyla and Toby =) Have a nice weekend mommy Chris =) mwah

  2. melandria says

    your babies are so adorable

  3. nice shots, mommy chris!enjoy your weekend!

  4. Get well soon to you and Kyla dear–drink a lot of fluids and take plenty of rest.

  5. Toby looks so handsome in that photo, and that was a very nice shot of Kyla, too! Get well soon, Chris and Kyla!

  6. *♥Shydub♥* says

    napaka seryoso ni Toby dito ahh hehe and Kyla is getting bigger, soon may dalagita ka na mommyI missed last week MM huhu,

  7. so behave talaga ng kids mo girl, sa picture pa lang kasi parang ang behave behave nila

  8. chubskulit says

    I love kyla’s pose hehehe. Si Toby ang serious hehehe..Light.. Camera.. Action

  9. get well soon both of you!

  10. Happy Mommy Moments Friday!!!

  11. Mom-Friday says

    It’s always inspiring to photograph children :)Get well soon to you and your family. Have a different topic for today so though I’d share a favorite post on my babies 😉Double Take

  12. awwwwww… cute nang mga anak mo mamiChris…I like their pic!

  13. So cute Toby & Kyla :)Get well soon mare.Kyla too 🙂

  14. I hope both you and Kyla are okay now.

  15. The Tatapilla says

    like the serious look on your little boy.. and a happy camper is your princess. 🙂

  16. nice shot… hope you & your daughter gets well..

  17. wahhhh! haven't got the chance tojoin here… 🙁 i'm late…

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