Thoughts on My Photos…

I love photos! In fact, I love capturing LIFE as it happens. But I don’t think that I really have THAT EYE, you know, the photographer’s eye. Whenever I look at the photos I capture, they lack that certain something… Anyway, I am grateful that I am able to CAPTURE shots of my kids. That is the main reason why I wanted to have a camera anyway. To record moments and see them in full color printing… Every moment that passes by will never come back so that is why I am glad to have captured them in my heart and through the lens of my CAMERA.


  1. That's true Chris! No matter how well we take our pictures, it's a matter of capturing the moment. Especially for us moms. Once lang nagiging bata and mga kids natin. So why not take the shot of every moment. As to what Canon stated there is only- L1fe

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