Day Off!

Last Friday, it was a non-working holiday so we grabbed this opportunity to spend some time with family. We went to Nuvali. Of course, the kids enjoyed their time feeding the fish.. then we had lunch with my in-laws. Spent the afternoon chatting away while the kids were playing beside us. It was truly a day-off for all of us!


  1. what a fun day to spend the holiday. have a great week, mommy chris 🙂

  2. happy to be a member of ParenTINtv, hope to see you again in the next parenting event!

  3. I love a relaxing day with my family, too!

  4. Kids love it when both parents spend time with them. In my son's case, he always finds a way to be noticed by us if he sees we're busy doing something else. I'd like to bring him to Nuvali, too, to see those kois.

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