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I can’t believe how fast time passes by! Today is the first Friday of October already and our theme to start of October is Jump Shot!

I want to share some jump shots of my kids taken last May.

My little girl can jump really high while the little boy is still trying to jump high! 🙂

Share your jump shots with us this week!


  1. haha! ang cute nama ng magkapatid. Uso talaga ngayon ang jum shots 😉

  2. Wow, ang tataas nilang tumalon! Looks like matatangkad pag laki, lol.

    When I was younger, I loved to jump. Don't know what happened but I'm still short 😉

  3. Had a hard time with this week's theme. I hope what I have will suffice. I'm first because I won't be able to post tomorrow; will go with my son to an out-of-school activity.

  4. Nice jump shot..enjoy talaga pag may kapatid ka…:-)

  5. wow, ang taas ng jump shots ni Kyla, and even Tobby.

  6. chubskulit says

    Perfect jump shots.

  7. your boy looks like he tried so hard to jump. Pero si ate ang taas ng jump hehehe

  8. carinamodella says

    Wow! This is a high power jump 🙂

  9. awwwwwww…ang cute! that's a good one….:)

    btw mamiChris, hope you can join my giveaway contest again!

  10. kyla's jump is really high! i know toby will learn to jump high pretty soon too. he has a role model kasi. 😀

  11. MinnieRunner says

    I love jumpshots! Unfortunately, I cannot jump high, he he.

  12. Toby will learn how to jump too soon like his sister Kyla.I love their jump snap photos.Ang cuteee! 🙂

  13. ღ Ms. Joy mH ღ says

    this is fun! Wow! Your kids had so much fun jumping! I didn't make my post yet since I don't think I have some post of my son!

  14. pass muna ako this week, i don't think i have something to share…don't remember taking pix of Jake jumping 🙁

    have a great weekend everyone!

  15. hahaha! i love jumpshots, basically because it's very difficult to take a picture of it.. they REALLY enjoy it!

  16. *MrsMartinez* says

    galing naman ng jump shots niyo haha Very nice!

  17. Hi Chris! Cute jumpsshot! Last week was a fun theme kaya lang hindi ma-add yung entry ko. =)

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