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Thank God Its Friday! We have come to the end of another work week. How was your week? Today let us celebrate the wacky and jolly moments we experience as moms. Share any wacky and funny moments you have with your precious ones.
My son in particular is the one who makes our family laugh! He always does some silly antics, and at his young age, I can see that he enjoys making us smile 🙂
Here are some shots we took last night when I asked him if he can pose for me….

The days that I spend with my kids truly brings lots of wacky, jolly and happy moments… I am glad that my kids remind me not to take life too seriously and to laugh once in awhile!
Join us this week! I am trying out the thumbnail linky this week. Enter your post for the week and leave comments on other Mommy Moments entries too!


  1. Kerry McCullough says

    Those are some funny faces! My 9 month old has been cracking me up lately, too. He makes these growling exorcist noises and chases us. I also caught him sucking on my toe the other day while I was working! I try to post the funniest story each day on my blog… Stop by any time 🙂

  2. super kulet ni toby!! 🙂

  3. hi mommy Chris, i love the 3rd photo of your lil boy so wacky 🙂

    Happy MM!

  4. kulit naman ng pic! sobrang like like like! haha! 🙂

  5. Love the last shot, rock n rollin!

  6. The last 2 are so cute, LOL!
    Serious post ako for today so I'll just share this very similar post here of my wacky kids. Happy long weekend Chris!
    Silly Faces That Make My So-So Day

  7. Aliw naman si Toby 😀

    Bat wala si Ate?

  8. Didn't you notice that boys are less inhibited than girls? They don't mind looking silly for as long as they can do their funny antics. Toby is like Justin in this regard. They're both funny.

  9. he looks so cute. and i think the best part is that, he seems to be enjoying the moment.. Happy MM!

  10. I can't help noticing Toby's excellent teeth formation. He's cute and adorable in his wacky moments.

    Happy Mommy Momments, Mommies!

  11. This is the funny-side of Toby for me, Chris! Never seen him like this pa kasi… 🙂

  12. *♥Shydub♥* says

    Looks like Toby is really good at making wacky faces huh. Mr kulit hehe

  13. Nakakaaliw lahat ng pose ng baby mo, haist kids talaga konting smile it makes our day right na talaga

  14. Toby is so cute kahit na wacky ang faces niya sa mga pix 🙂

  15. cute naman ni toby, enjoy talaga siya sa wacky pose!

  16. hahhaha….ang cute ni toby….I like his eyes!

  17. hi chris, nice shots of toby! artistahin ang dating!

    like your linky thumbnail as well.

  18. nakakatuwa talaga ang mga kiddos when they make face =)

  19. happy mommy moments sa inyong lahat 😀 I am back again 😀 ehehehe

  20. Cielo of Brown Pinay says

    First time to join Mommy Moments…Your little toby is really having fun being your subject and model sis….

  21. i like toby's last pic 😀 m joining this week.

    Heartifying!, yey!

  22. bonz @ little zoie says

    i like the third photo… ang kulet sa pose!

  23. So wacky lil Toby!!\(^0^)/


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