Nostalgia : Cow Label

This has been a favorite of mine when I was still a little girl…
Seeing this brings back many good memories!
Happy Thursday!
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  1. Di ko alam to Mommy Chris, can't aford kasi ako nun sa mga ganito hehehe.. Thanks for joining once again, I liked it up already.

  2. Di ko rin kilala to…may cow label akong alam pero milk in can hehehe.

    mine is up now.

  3. I'm not familiar with Cow Label, too! We seldom eat beef kasi when we were young because it's expensive. LOL! This product definitely brings back good old memories for you.

  4. Something I don't know either. Ang namimiss kong food yung Royco noodles!

    My Nostalgia post is up HERE.

  5. HI Mommy Chris.. di ako familiar dito … heheh..

    NOSTALGIA here

  6. masrap sigur oyan, dito sa amin eh beef jerky ang tawag dyan, super kunat pero super sarap, maantot lang ng konti, hehehee.. ang mahal kaya nyan dito..

  7. oi mukhang yummy to ah lalo napag maanghang! hehe..have a good day.hope you could check my entry too =)

  8. Mel Cole of PA, USA says

    Wow, Chris, good for you coz you can eat those kind of food not familiar to us. Well, to me, I haven't tasted such food. Masarap ba?

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