Download N Go Astonishing Animals

Animals are a favorite topic in our house. My kids love creating artworks, lapbooks or projects about different animals. Download N Go’s Astonishing Animals was perfect for my kids whose age ranged from pre-K to 1st grade. We have not been able to study about lemurs, wolverines, komodo dragons, loggerhead sea turtles nor adélie penguins yet. As a mom who didn’t know much about these unfamiliar animals, I was glad to see a list of resource books on the first part. I was also grateful that there are several video links so my kids would learn about the unfamiliar animals.

Since my son loves turtle, he enjoyed learning about the loggerhead sea turtle the most. He found it enjoyable to know more details about this lovable sea creature. The fun project allowed him to use his imagination while appreciating the animal. He loved it when we made a model of a sea turtle using modelling clay. As the lesson suggested, we also tried creating several baby turtles heading for the ocean waves.

Aside from the lapbooks, the kids had the most fun when we did the scavenger hunt family activity. They loved putting the clues they have learned together and looking for more clues around the house. As a mom, whenever I see the kid learning, I am truly very happy. It is a bonus when I see them having fun learning. It makes the retention of the lesson more effective too!

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