Laguna Homeschooler’s Get Together

Last Saturday, I was really glad that our family was able to join a homeschooler’s get together here in Sta Rosa Laguna. There were a total of 5 families who came (including us).
The kids enjoyed the place.. the little kids were able to run around and play in the playground. The bigger kids played in the basketball court.

The dads were able to chat for sometime while the moms were able to exchange notes about their homeschooling experience and families too.

I am really glad to know that there are other homeschooling families who are located not too far away from us. I do hope that our once a month meeting pushes through. It is good to have a local support group that you get to meet once in awhile… and of course, for the kids to get to play with other homeschoolers too!


  1. Glad you were able to get together! I belong to two local home school groups and it is great to get together! One group gets together once a week for 8 weeks in the fall and again in the spring. Hope you are able to continue!


  2. Joseph L. Campos says

    Looking for homeschool program for my daughter for the rest of the school year.



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