Mommy Moments – Big Things!

mommy moments
Big Things is our theme this last Friday of November…
my kids with their aunt

kids with dora and boots
Join us! Happy mommy moments!


  1. the all-around mom says

    joined for the first time, Chris. 🙂

  2. I'm sure Hyzyd will love to hug that big Boots ..he also knew Dora:)

  3. I hope my kids will love Dora–di kasi masyadong uso ang dora dito sa Japan.

    Happy MM!

  4. wow! It's boots!!!My son love him…will write an entry later…

  5. joined again, Chris. 🙂 isa isa kada buwan? hahaha.

    thank you. God bless.

  6. my girls love Dora and still watching Dora on TV until now.

  7. ang cool masyado ni Dora ah, ang cute naman ng mga kids mo

  8. Love the Dora pic, mas malaki pa kay kyla hehehe..

  9. my youngest son, love to watch Dora and his cousin Diego. He learn how to count in Spanish because of this tv show.

    my entry is up too!

    happy long weekend!

  10. mjrodriguez says

    I love the photos of your kids with Dora and Boots. At the moment, they are also my child's favorites.

    Dora reminds me of a mini version of Lara Croft, lol!

  11. Hi, Mommy Chris! My son had his picture taken with a similar-looking soldier in Glorietta naman. Why didn't I think of that? Haha!

  12. joining this week for MM!

    here's my entry:

  13. I love the nutcracker statue! It's nutcracker time coz Christmas time is here. 🙂 Thanks for the linky Mami Chris. Sorry po sa late visits ko. Na-busy po. Will catch up hopping.

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