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It’s Friday! So Little is our theme this week and you can share any photos of your little ones with any little thing 🙂
This is Kyla a few years back with her tiny dolls. They came together with a doll house.

This is Toby’s recent picture with his smallest car!

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Happy Mommy Moments!


  1. I haven't been joining and i really miss this meme! 🙂 cute mini toys with evenly cute kiddos!

  2. cuteness!

  3. My boys would love that miniature car, toby! Hi,chris! i think i'm becoming a friday blogger. nabubuhay pag mommy moments na, LOL.

  4. Very tiny dolls, so cute!

  5. Little, little, muah! I love looking at Toby's and Kyla's cuteness with their little toys.

  6. Kyla's tiny dolls and the smallest car of Toby are so cute! Have a great weekend, Chris!

  7. all Elijah's car are big in size. I am not allowed to buy him small toys because he might swallow it!

    thank you for hosting this meme! 🙂

  8. cute mini me… lol just kidding mini toys

  9. carinamodella says

    so cute little toys 🙂

    i guess i have my own interpretation of so little here:

  10. mjrodriguez says

    i like kyla's dolls! i'll need a magnifying glass to see them!

    happy mommy moments, chris!

  11. naku, those tiny toys make us crazy when they get lost under the cabinets! :))) but the kids doesn't seem to run out of those little stuff! 🙂
    Just sharing my old post with their ZOOB, which is a really nice toy that stir creativity:

  12. I love dolls 🙂 hehehe, ang cute naman nang toys ni Kyla, may doll house pa. Ang serious ni Toby. 🙂

  13. i like the dollies! they are cute!

  14. oh so tiny!
    btw, I am not sure about the exact theme for little but I joined anyway. I hope it fits for the theme. 🙂

  15. supermommyjem says

    !I super like all the little cute toys

  16. so tiny talaga ng dollies…boys naman lahat yata love ang cars…and bec. of my boy i love collecting toy cars na rin marce..he..he…

  17. ☆♥Shydub♥☆ says
  18. Jake hs little toys, too but i hhaven't taken any pix yet; maybe later 🙂

    those dolls are so cute…

    toby's tiny car looks cute, too!

  19. Charlotte's Mom says

    sooo cute little toys:-)
    sorry for my late entry, aagahan ko na lang next week haha…Happy MM

  20. march on... says

    cute mini dolls. I used to collect miniature tea sets too but I guess I don't qualify in this meme, hehe.
    entered my share just today, sorry it's late…

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