My Daughter and Her Milk

Since we are homeschoolers, my kids, particularly my daughter, doesn’t have to wake up really early everyday. She usually wakes up at around 7am and eats her breakfast. She drinks a cup of milk along with other food. She drinks her Vitamin C daily too. She used to be a really picky eater but I am glad that she has outgrown it a bit. She now eats some vegetables, fish, beef, chicken and noodles! I just need to convince her to try out some fruits. She doesn’t take a nap in the afternoons and goes to bed by 8pm. Before sleeping, she drinks another cup of milk. She still drinks powdered cow’s milk.

I believe that drinking a cup of milk at least 2 times a day along with good nutrition and proper rest, helps her to be healthy and to grow tall. I am blessed that aside from her asthma, my daughter is not the sickly type.


  1. Hi Christine, thanks for this post. On choosing your daughter's milk, what are your considerations? is there anything that you are particular with? and why?

  2. well, with so many brands to choose from.. i went with the one that has less sugar and not too pricey.. also, it has been my milk when i was growing up 🙂

  3. Hi Christine, got one more question, how do you define physical growth and development? and how would milk be a significant factor for this?

  4. I define physical growth when they are gaining weight and growing taller… so it is important to check their weight from time to time.. aside from that, if they dont get sick frequently.. i consider that being physically healthy too.

    milk complements the food intake of my kids. since my kids dont get to eat much veggies, i rely on the milk to complement their needs…

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