Nap Time Worries

For the past week, my son and I are having disagreements when it comes to his afternoon nap. I wonder, is it time to give up his afternoon nap?

I read Elizabeth Pantley’s comments and advice on this issue. She is the author of the No-Cry Nap solution book.

Signs that your child needs a daily nap:
>Responds in a positive or neutral way to naptime and falls asleep easily
>Usually naps an hour or longer
>Wakes up in the morning in a good mood, but gets whiny and cranky as the day progresses
>Demonstrates coordination deterioration over the course of the day – can’t manage a puzzle as well, falls down more often, or gets clumsy.
>Late in the day becomes wired up or hyper-active and won’t settle down easily
>Often falls asleep in the car or when watching a movie
>Has a difficult time waking up in the morning, or wakes up grumpy

Signs that your child no longer needs a nap (but still might benefit from a daily rest break):
>Has a consistent personality from morning until bedtime
>Learns new things easily and has an appropriate attention span for his age
>Goes to bed at a reasonable time and sleeps well all night long
>When she is put in bed for a nap she rarely falls asleep
>On the days when he naps, he takes a long time to fall asleep that night, or goes to bed much later than usual
>Generally wakes up on her own and in a pleasant mood
>Sleeps the number of total sleep hours shown on the Sleep Chart almost every night

I think my son is still in the transition phase.. there are days he might no longer need to nap but there are days… he definitely needs to nap!


  1. There are days we all need a nap.:-)

    That transitional time is tough for everybody. All of my kiddos have decided, spontaneously, around the age of 2 that they are done with naps, except my youngest (she stopped going down for naps at 18 months—but sometimes she does "konk" out mid-day).

    The key is try to get them to take the nap early enough in the day that they don't get overtired and become impossible to deal with, but also respect that maybe they really don't need the nap today.

    Good luck and blessings.

  2. Pwede palang walang nap ngayon ko lang nalaman. Si Z kasi grabe nakatulog na ako't lahat pag gising ko gising pa rin sya sa tabi ko. Naawa nga ako sa kanya e. So ngayon alam ko rest periods are enough

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