Thank You Marces!

I celebrated my birthday last week… and I was so blessed when my friends sent me greetings via Facebook, but was more excited when I saw blogposts for me from Jade, Kikamz, Yami, Kaye, Pehpot, Seiko, Fedhz🙂 Not only that, my other blog, The Miscellaneous Me, has a new template and it was also part of their gift for me! Many thanks to Kaye!!!

And when I visited my inaanak Sati last Saturday,

I was surprised with…

And I got to meet Sam and her family and Marce Fedhz too! We didn’t get to chat because my kids wanted to leave already after having been in Peh’s place for 2 hours or so 🙂

Thanks so much friends.
I am so touched and really glad to have met you guys! You are a blessing!


  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    Awww sweet. The roses. The cake. Isn't it nice to find real friends from the www? I love it. Belated happy birthday Mommy Chris! 🙂

  2. neva | manilamommy says:

    belated happy birthday cris!!! may you continue to be a blessing to others 🙂 more power to mommy journey!

  3. yey! ang sweet! ;D

  4. huwaw. suri naman at late kame. hahaha! sa next event na lang, marce!

  5. You are indeed blessed Mommy Chris 🙂

    Belated Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Belated happy birthday, Chris!

  7. i'm glad we made your birthday happy marce. see you in january!

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