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Happy new year everyone! Our first theme for this new year is all about our new goals. It can be personal goals or goals for the family or the kids. This is a great way to share what your plans are so we can be accountable to one another and become an inspiration to other mommies as well.
God willing, my goals for this year are:
> Spend at least 30 minutes every day reading the Word of God and in prayer
> Do something for others. Be involved in helping others in whatever capacity.
> Teach my son to read.
> To continue in homeschooling my kids.
> Start contributing to SSS and Philhealth.
I don’t have big goals but these are basically what I want accomplished by the year end. How about you? Share them with us here at Mommy Moments.


  1. Mrs. M @ TLC says

    Beautiful list of goals, Chris. Thanks for sharing and for hosting Mommy Moments. I'm glad to be able to join you this week. I hope to be a regular participant here: that's another goal on my list 🙂

  2. supermommyjem says

    Your goals are inspiring. Happy new year!

  3. says

    Hi there..I am so sorry for the "kapalpakans" that I did…this is my first time to join, thanks for bearing with me 🙂
    @Mommy Journey, kindly delete na lang my other post, thanks :)btw, I enjoyed reading the other entries..

  4. Ako din mommy chris goals ko rin pla ung pagpay ng contributions sa sss & phic especially now that I'm not working anymore.

    By the way is home schooling good kesa sa formal school tlaga? hindi ba mahirap?

  5. I'm thinking of home schooling na din because I've read a lot about it in your blog and from other Mommy Moments participants. Still weighing options… but then, I have a few years to think pa naman 🙂 Happy New Year Mommy 🙂

  6. I imagine much pleasure could be derived from teaching a son to read. Great one, Chris. Thank you once again for hosting Mommy Moments. It does me a lot of good. Have a fabulous 2011.

  7. Good luck to your goals Mommy and Happy New Year

  8. To help others in any way you can is a very noble goal for this year. It shows selflessness and a deep concern for others.

  9. march on... says

    joining my yesterday's blog for mommy moments. happy new year to all! happy new (and better) us 🙂

  10. the all-around mom says

    honga mommy chris. the sss and philhealth contribution is important, eventhough we're no longer working. nakalimutan ko na din yun. thanks for including this in your goals – naremind ako 🙂

  11. Aba at talagang goal yung mag contribute sa SS at Philhealth ah. ako puro goal ko para sa mga kiddos, medyo napapabayaan ko na sila gawa ng internet eh..

    Happy New Year Marce Chris!

  12. nice goals to start the year a prosperous one.

  13. I'll pay Phil Health din ate chris..aside paying for myself..have to pay for my father too…

    goodluck to all of us here..hope we manage to realize our goals…

  14. Conversion Doctor says

    That's a great list of goals. Wish you all the best as you strive to follow through your goals.


  15. Good luck to you Mommy Chris!

  16. ☆♥Shydub♥☆ says

    Great list chris and good luck to that

  17. good luck on teaching your kid to read! that's so noble. not all mommies can do it..

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